Outdoor Play Sets for Kids

playground equipment

An Outdoor Play Sets are a structure, which is placed outside to enable playing on and around for children. Typical attachments of an Outdoor playset comprise of Towers, bridges, ladders, climbers, slides, swings and monkey bars.

A major component of an outdoor play set is a tower. It is a vertical structure, having one or more decks, placed at different levels. A deck is basically a horizontal play surface, which is either contained within or attached to a tower.

Bridges act as connectors between different towers to enable children to walk through them. They are of two kinds, fixed bridges or curve bridge, swinging bridge.

Rope ladders and fixed ladders are the most common essentials for playsets. Slides and climbers often accompany an Outdoor Play Sets. Playground slides may be covered or uncovered.

Free-standing Swing Sets also form a primary requirement of an outdoor playset, since swings are mounted on them. Besides bridges, monkey bars also act as a connecting medium for towers.

Numerous materials are opted for surfacing the ground around a playset. Surfaces range from normal earth to EPDM rubber flooring,  rubber tiles, rubber mulch or artificial grass.

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