Why Educational Toys Are Important For Children

“Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression”

Dr. Haim Ginott”



Educational toys are very important for a child as it enables him or her to learn math, language, logic etc in an interesting way.  These toys also help them to grasp new skills and improve their thinking ability at the same time they are having fun. Toys are great as it creates a playful environment into which children like to immersed. Educational toys have a practical approach to provide knowledge. There are important factors that a parent needs for their children to educate them.


The best time to start to explore your child’s natural talents while they are young. Infant babies are open to a wider set of skill sets which if not nurtured could be lost. Education toys also stimulate their brains that are required for many difficult problems.


While buying educational toys, children’s age is the first thing you need to consider. There are educational toys available in the retail market and online for all age groups. Always check the labels of toys before buying to know its suitable for your children or not. Electronic toys, breakable toys, and those with minute parts are should not be given to infants. Safety is the first concern while choosing toys. For smaller kids we should choose toys which stimulate the senses and are good for motor skills such as sounds, turning buttons, push and pull, filling and emptying, bobbing bath toys, clay or shapes etc. For instance, a one-year-old child would not understand the number or letter block and would throw away those toys. So try not to get too complicated toys for preschooler infants. Maybe you should give them more books with pictures and decorated pop-ups or chalkboards, toy clocks, and globes, puzzles which are very much popular among children.


Colour is crucial for identifying things, as they create a stimulating and exciting effect on the child preferably nice bright colours as they catch the eyes more than faded and dull colours. Try getting a toy that directly effects on brain and forces them to think. Alphabet blocks, the mat of numbers and shapes are such toys you should buy. The main objective is to get interesting, bold and bright things as this draws the child’s attention.


Older children should be given smarter toys. The educational toys like science kits, solar kits, and more building blocks are great tools that give constructive knowledge. All these toys are very popular in schools so your kids will love the chance to build confidence at home, all the while learning new things.

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