Importance Of Outdoor Kids’ Playgrounds in Modern Times

A playground is where children can take off and flourish.  Playgrounds large enough in structure and design.  Enabling children to enjoy their fullest, like run, jump and hide, making a mess, shout to their fullest and explore the natural world.  A variety of factors determines the quality of the playground for children and infants. These factors mainly include play equipment structures.  Quality of product from playground equipment manufacturers. Safety standards used by them.  Physical activities should form an important role in building a playground.

Purpose of outdoor play

There are two fundamental factors why outdoor kids playgrounds are important for children in early childhood. Firstly they help children in achieving risk-taking, exploring, motor skills etc.  Hence outdoor play provide an effective learning to children.  Secondly outdoor play, in modern times, is superseded  through the excessive use of digital media. Thereby keeping them away from physical play and outdoor playground equipment.

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Improve the cognitive skills of children in playground

playground equipment

A child’s first six years is the molding stage where the foundation of knowledge is the basis and skills are inculcated. How a child become a unique individual is the result of a child’s own hereditary character and his or her immediate environment, interactions and experiences during those years. Telling about the direct environment, theorists and child behavior experts, regardless of their fields, agree that play is a vital part of a child’s developmental years. Young children get attracted towards bright colors, sizes, shapes, and sounds as well as games that support matching, ordering, and comparative analysis, as well as other forms of play that provide challenges to their mental faculties. Studies also show that early exposure to appropriate games and play develops a starting point for sound development.

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How To Choose Outdoor Playground Equipment Suppliers

Playground equipment

Outside playgrounds play an essential function in the general improvement of kids. Selecting the right equipment enables kids to keep physically match and improves social skills by encouraging social interaction. One of the primary aspects that attract youngsters to a playground is the type of equipment placed there. If the equipment is excellent, kids can go in and play without having parents worrying about their safety. To enable you to decide on the correct playground equipment, you should pick the correct outdoor playground equipment suppliers. Under are several pointers to assist you with this.

* Choose a supplier focusing on what you need: This usually has two advantages; the supplier can give your expert knowledge on what they sell and you will receive quality products. If you need to buy different types of equipment at the same time, select a supplier who will be able to offer you a broad range of equipment that you could select from.

* Examine the ratings and reviews of the outdoor playground equipment suppliers: In addition to investigating the reputation of the supplier, get more information on the reputation of the equipment supplied. Ultimately, this can allow you to invest in quality equipment that won’t simply be worth the money spent but also offer a quality performance by ensuring safety.

* Find out if the supplier offers used equipment: If you wish to preserve your financial allowance, it can save you money by investing in used outdoor playground equipment. Should the supplier offers this, make sure you only invest in equipment that is still in good shape.

* Compare prices between different outdoor playground equipment suppliers: Price should not be the only factor for which you want to buy. Instead, choose quality. However, comparing prices between different suppliers will allow you to find quality equipment at affordable costs. If you come across under-priced equipment, investigate them carefully before you make a buy.

* Choose a supplier with reliable business history: This really is more important if you want to purchase playground equipment the supplier manufacturers. A supplier may have a reliable history if it has performed well for a few years. Choosing such a supplier means you will be able to receive help when acquiring or troubleshooting without any stress.

* Get customer references: Should you speak with enough previous clients of the outdoor playground equipment suppliers, you will have a better picture of what to anticipate from the suppliers. Most suppliers will readily give you three or four references. The more the references you have, the higher your chances of forming a realistic impression of how the suppliers will treat you during and after purchasing equipment from them.

Always spend some time when selecting an outdoor playground equipment supplier as where you do your shopping could easily effect on quality. If you are searching for the best playground equipment, the guidelines above are an excellent place to begin. Make sure to test the quality of the playground equipment before you decide to buy. If the supplier enables you to test some of the equipment before you decide to buy, the better.

Why Commercial indoor playground equipment are important?

With the advancement of the Internet, family entertainment and health is becoming very important. Not only kids but each and every family member is looking for a safe and fun playing environment. Therefore, it is very crucial for all ages of people to spend some time in a place where we do physical activities. A commercial indoor playground is a perfect option in this case.
A themed commercial indoor playground draws the attention of children. Even their parents also like to spend their time at the park because it provides them a quality time know each other and to build the connections.
Children love to go to the park because it gives a fun place to meet new companions and play. Parents also think that it provides a protected area where children can learn to socialize with other children and play together.
The indoor playground should be equipped with advanced equipment for children’s development. Research says that playground equipment can indulge children in physical coordination, improve communication and quick learning abilities while boosting self-confidence.
Hi5 Solutions have customized playground equipment for indoor activities based on your area size and budget. We ensure, the secure environment and enjoyable game experience for children. Our equipment is well designed and completely safe for any age of children.

How to build self esteem for your children

play flooring

Play Flooring

Kids sometimes have a hard time building and maintaining positive levels of self-esteem, particularly when they get to their pre-teen and teenage years of life. There are numerous things that can hinder good self-esteem such as school, learning new skills, peer pressure, and all of the other difficulties that come with growing older. If you think that your kid’s self-esteem can use a boost, here are some tips you may use that might help.

Emphasise the Good Things

Too often parents are quick to discuss things a child does wrong, without celebrating and acknowledging the things they do right. Make a conscious effort to notice and encourage the things that your kid is excelling in, even if those things might not seem like a big deal. Needless to say, you should always be sure to be honest in your positive comments, as children have a talent for sensing insincere comments. Kids are influenced by things which gives them joy and challenges. Take them to kid’s playground where they can play with interesting playground equipment. They should be taken to the parks as it is the best form of entertainment for them and it also help them to boost their physical activity.

Celebrate Their Achievements

You can also help to build up your child’s self-esteem by reassuring them in their successes and celebrating whenever they do well. As an instance, if your child plays sports, try to attend at the time of playing to support them. Taking pictures at the games, which you may then display in picture frames, is also a great way of showing your child that you see and support their achievements. Even if your child eventually decides that a particular sport is not their favourite thing, they will likely gain from the experience of giving it a go. Sports is essential for healthy living. Encourage them to participate in sports because its preserver of health.

Help Your Child Learn About the Rewards of Assisting People

One of the finest ways to boost your kid’s self esteem is to help others feel good. Motivate your child to become involved with volunteer activities, help other children, or even assist their elderly relatives. Your child will not only have his or her self-esteem boosted, but they will also acquire some great experience in the process. To create sweet memories, you should take photos of your child participating in volunteer activities. Proudly showcasing your photographs in picture frames all through your house will help you to show your child your love and support of their activities. You can even boost your son or daughter’s self-esteem by demonstrating to them how to help out around the home. By doing so, your child will learn valuable skills, while developing a deeper sense of self-confidence in their own abilities and skills.

Recommend that Your Kid Does New Things

Though learning and trying out new things is not often easy for kids, you and your child might actually be surprised to discover just how much they are able to do if they really work at it. Taking up a new sport, joining a club, or simply getting involved in a fun new hobby or activity can be a great way to build self-confidence and self-esteem. Your child might just discover a new hobby, or even learn a new skills that could give them a new identity. Your child may also learn a few things about using their imagination when they try new things. Playing maze, educational toys force them to use their brain which is useful. Whenever you are able to you should take the opportunity to get some snapshots of your kid having fun with their new hobbies. You may show your support and love to your child by placing these pictures in picture frames and then displaying them around the house. In fact, your child might even want to display a few of the pictures in their own bedroom.

So do not worry about your kid any longer. Use these suggestions and your kid will feel better about themselves in no time. Check out website to buy interesting customised playground equipment and games for you children.

Outdoor Play Sets for Kids

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An Outdoor Play Sets are a structure, which is placed outside to enable playing on and around for children. Typical attachments of an Outdoor playset comprise of Towers, bridges, ladders, climbers, slides, swings and monkey bars.

A major component of an outdoor play set is a tower. It is a vertical structure, having one or more decks, placed at different levels. A deck is basically a horizontal play surface, which is either contained within or attached to a tower.

Bridges act as connectors between different towers to enable children to walk through them. They are of two kinds, fixed bridges or curve bridge, swinging bridge.

Rope ladders and fixed ladders are the most common essentials for playsets. Slides and climbers often accompany an Outdoor Play Sets. Playground slides may be covered or uncovered.

Free-standing Swing Sets also form a primary requirement of an outdoor playset, since swings are mounted on them. Besides bridges, monkey bars also act as a connecting medium for towers.

Numerous materials are opted for surfacing the ground around a playset. Surfaces range from normal earth to EPDM rubber flooring,  rubber tiles, rubber mulch or artificial grass.

Advantages of having a safe playground

playground equipment

Playground Equipment

A playground is the most favorite place for kids and it also keeps them busy and active. Besides providing a good place for physical activity, a playground also provides the children an opportunity to learn basic social skills and compare their skills with other children. So it is very much important to provide the kids with a very safe and supportive playground structure for their better development. You can find many playgrounds nearby your place, but nowadays people are more keen into modern playground which have various facilities. The children get to understand the intellectual aspects offered by the playground that help in faster brain development and supplementing the growth of them.

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Why Educational Toys Are Important For Children

“Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression”

Dr. Haim Ginott”



Educational toys are very important for a child as it enables him or her to learn math, language, logic etc in an interesting way.  These toys also help them to grasp new skills and improve their thinking ability at the same time they are having fun. Toys are great as it creates a playful environment into which children like to immersed. Educational toys have a practical approach to provide knowledge. There are important factors that a parent needs for their children to educate them.


The best time to start to explore your child’s natural talents while they are young. Infant babies are open to a wider set of skill sets which if not nurtured could be lost. Education toys also stimulate their brains that are required for many difficult problems.


While buying educational toys, children’s age is the first thing you need to consider. There are educational toys available in the retail market and online for all age groups. Always check the labels of toys before buying to know its suitable for your children or not. Electronic toys, breakable toys, and those with minute parts are should not be given to infants. Safety is the first concern while choosing toys. For smaller kids we should choose toys which stimulate the senses and are good for motor skills such as sounds, turning buttons, push and pull, filling and emptying, bobbing bath toys, clay or shapes etc. For instance, a one-year-old child would not understand the number or letter block and would throw away those toys. So try not to get too complicated toys for preschooler infants. Maybe you should give them more books with pictures and decorated pop-ups or chalkboards, toy clocks, and globes, puzzles which are very much popular among children.


Colour is crucial for identifying things, as they create a stimulating and exciting effect on the child preferably nice bright colours as they catch the eyes more than faded and dull colours. Try getting a toy that directly effects on brain and forces them to think. Alphabet blocks, the mat of numbers and shapes are such toys you should buy. The main objective is to get interesting, bold and bright things as this draws the child’s attention.


Older children should be given smarter toys. The educational toys like science kits, solar kits, and more building blocks are great tools that give constructive knowledge. All these toys are very popular in schools so your kids will love the chance to build confidence at home, all the while learning new things.

Important Things To Know Before Setting Up a Theme Park

Playground equipment

A photogenic and well-equipped park is the perfect landmark that draws many people’s attention. A beautiful theme park wants lots of visitors posting their pictures that tell the world, where they are – and that makes their friends wish they were there, too. Here are a few important aspects that need to consider before setting up a Theme Park.

Beautiful landscaping

A great theme park needs to have a beautiful environment that everyone wants to visit. If it covers with lush green grasses, it will very attractive. People can feel the freshness of the place. The well-maintained garden inside the park is another nice addition.

Multiple attractions for all ages

Families like to enjoy together. Height restrictions or age restriction separate them to enjoy properly. There should be areas to play for children as aged members like to see them enjoying.

Enough available attractions so that many people can enjoy together

People shouldn’t stand in a queue to enjoy rides. There should be an ample amount of playground equipment such as Slides, Swings, playground spinning etc. Children spend their weekends and summer vacation and have fun with friends in the park. So these things must be included.

Slow-moving Toy trains and other rides

Toy Train ride at slow speed is an exciting fun-filled activity for all generation. It is one of the favorites among children. Visitors enjoy the ride and the surrounding beauty of the theme park very much.

A playground

Great theme parks create an engaging environment that gives children a great time. Parks should provide ideal space for children so they can run around that keeps them physically active. A well-maintained playground is a wonderful place where children absolutely forget about themselves and enjoy every moment in the seventh heaven.

Shades or Sun Rest

Sunburns and other heat-related problem is a major concern during outdoor activity. Shades and sun rest are important to have in a park.

Shortcuts across the park

Whether it’s Kid’s playground, bathroom or gymnasium everything should be linked so that people can walk around and use every facility.

Family bathrooms and changing room

People like to dress in sportswear while working out. So, having changing rooms and washrooms for elder members is very important.

Kids Toilet

Kids should be trained to use the toilet properly. That’s why suitable kids toilet is important to have and it should be clean and hygienic.

Charging Point

Big parks have many facilities. There has to be a charging point for mobiles and laptops so that people don’t have to rush to their home for work and can continue their workout simultaneously.

Well-trained employees and First Aid Service

A great park should accommodate with First Aid services. Fort that a great team is required. Companies need to pay attention to their employees so that they roam around the park and monitor every activity. This is the way a park can become an ideal place for everyone.

How Can Outdoor Fitness Influence Our Lifestyle


Exercise is important to stay healthy for everyone. We all don’t have outdoor fitness areas but is rapidly becoming popular as a means of fitness. You can take membership of any gym, and there are other resources also to provide you equipment for outdoor exercise. Hi5 Solutions provides all the types of equipment and detailed information to give you the ultimate benefit of outdoor fitness.

Getting a good outdoor fitness training location is a vital task and should be a major concern. Usually, people choose a spot that is very prominent, close to pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Companies who provide outdoor fitness services want maximum exposure as most outdoor businesses do not have a physical shop front. Before arranging the space we need to think about a few important things such as lights, training surfaces, toilets, drinking water, options in the rainy season, shade and protection from the climate changes.

It is obvious; doing outdoor exercise has similar advantages and principles of gym-based exercise. We can tone our body, shape and strengthen muscles with weights, lose weight burn calories and progress in cardiovascular stamina with numerous running exercises and activities. So if you don’t like the indoor exercise in the gym, then you should opt for outdoor fitness programs.

Hi5 Solutions encourages all of our clients to participate in all sorts of physical activities to change their lifestyle. We motivate you to go for a run or swim, join a sporting group to boost your health for overcoming all sorts of health-related issues. We provide exclusive outdoor equipment that offers great comforts and secure ambiance to get you the ultimate benefits.

You can find many websites online provides high-quality sports equipment, tools gears at various prices. The Hi5 solution is one of the largest playground equipment distributor or manufacturer of India. They have been in this industry for several years. Besides, they are supplying commercial playground equipment and park accessories. Your children will get the best opportunity to enhance the physical as well as mental skills. All their equipment and tools are designed as best safety standards to provide a safe play zone for children.

Hi5 solutions specialize in play zone development, sports flooring, outdoor fitness, Playground Equipment, and accessory services. For all those who prefer the outdoors fitness program, Hi5 Solution has many good options to stay fit by balancing what you will normally do in a gym with what you would like to do outdoors.